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TENDERS Total number of tenders: 2088
Nov 20 : Carrying out RG Boiler Line-I and Line-II Tubes Cleaning Jobs in Ammonia Plant  Details
Nov 20 : Shifting of Stacked Urea on platform to Silo in Product Handling Plant  Details
Nov 20 : Measurement of Radiation Level of Dew Point Meter  Details
Nov 20 : Transportation of Ammonia from JNPT to STL Taloja Contract  Details
Nov 20 : Procurement of imported Coal for Coal Fired Boiler Plant  Details
Nov 17 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-urea Activity  Details
Nov 17 : Procurement of Ball Valves  Details
Nov 17 : Corrigendum: Bi-annual Rate Contract for maintenance of various Chlorinators  Details
Nov 17 : Handling at Salem Rakepoint and Warehouse and Block-wise transportation to various blocks of Tamilnadu State  Details
Nov 17 : Handling at Trichy Rakepoint and Warehouse and Block-wise transportation to various blocks of Tamilnadu State  Details
Nov 17 : Carrying out Vacuum Box Leak Testing of Storage Tanks  Details
Nov 16 : Transportation of Phosphoric Acid  Details
Nov 16 : Procurement of Acetic Acid  Details
Nov 16 : Carrying out various Maintenance Jobs for MPNA Short Shutdown  Details
Nov 16 : Biennial Rate Contract for Motor Replacement and Alignment Job in NAG Plant  Details
Nov 16 : Replacement of Benfield Reboiler in Ammonia Plant  Details
Nov 15 : Handling and Transportation Contract at Katpadi Rake Point  Details
Nov 15 : Annual Rate Contract for Monitoring of Liquid Effluent Parameters around factory  Details
Nov 14 : Dismantling and Re-erection of three Columns in Formic Acid Plant  Details
Nov 14 : Supply of Spares of Valves  Details
Nov 14 : Supply of 1100 Kg CU-Catalyst for Ammonia Plant  Details
Nov 14 : Annual Maintenance Contract of Emergency Maintenance Jobs on Conveyor Belt Systems in Suphala Plant  Details
Nov 14 : Carrying out Hydro Testing of Coolers/ Exchangers and other miscellaneous jobs  Details
Nov 13 : Shifting ,Lifting and Replacement of defective motor at critical places in different sections in Ammonia and SGP group of plants  Details
Nov 13 : ARC for Repairs and Rewinding of LT Motors for the period of two years  Details
Nov 13 : Inspection by specialized NDT Methods of 20,000 MT Liquid Ammonia Storage Tank in Ammonia Plant  Details
Nov 13 : EOI for Installation of Gas Turbine Driven Process Air Compressor and Heat Recovery Steam Generator  Details
Nov 13 : Supply of Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes  Details
Nov 10 : Import of MOP through MOU  Details
Nov 10 : Bi-Annual Rate Contract for Maintenance of various Chlorinators  Details
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