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TENDERS Total number of tenders: 2291
Jan 23 : Carrying out various Shutdown Jobs in Ammonia Plant  Details
Jan 23 : Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Sale Devices under Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme  Details
Jan 23 : Comprehensive Energy Audit of Ammonia Urea and offsite facilities including Boilers and captive power generation facilities at Panipat Unit  Details
Jan 23 : Corrigendum: Engaging Services for GV Lean Solution Pump of Ammonia Plant  Details
Jan 23 : Comprehensive AMC for PA systems at various location of TDP Plant  Details
Jan 23 : Refurbishment of De Nitration Column in CNA Plant  Details
Jan 22 : Corrigendum: Purchase of RECs to fulfill RPO as per PSERC notification for NFL Bathinda for the year 2017-18  Details
Jan 22 : Procurement of Differential Pressure Switches  Details
Jan 22 : Tender for overhauling of HT and LT Motors  Details
Jan 22 : Corrigendum: Supply of Actuator Spares  Details
Jan 22 : AMC for repairing and servicing of Heat Sealing Machines in Sujala Plant  Details
Jan 19 : Corrigendum: Supply of Cables and Accessories  Details
Jan 19 : EOI for pre-qualification of licensors of Ammonia Technology for Energy Reduction Schemes in Ammonia Plant  Details
Jan 19 : Hiring of Manpower Unskilled Labour for Shutdowns/ Breakdowns  Details
Jan 19 : Carrying out repairing jobs of Methanol Flare Stack  Details
Jan 18 : Requirement of 24,900 MT of Sulphuric Acid  Details
Jan 18 : Corrigendum: Relocation of ammonia unloading arms from South Coal Berth to Q1 Berth at Willingdon Island  Details
Jan 18 : Supply of Catalyst for HT Shift Converter of Ammonia Plant  Details
Jan 18 : Carrying out Mechanical Maintenance Jobs in Material Handling Section of Bagging Plant  Details
Jan 18 : Procurement of Spherical Roller Bearings  Details
Jan 17 : Repair of Anticorrosive Treatment in Dust/ Filter Chambers of Prilling Tower and other plant areas during 2018-19  Details
Jan 17 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-Urea Products for month of Feb 2018  Details
Jan 17 : Corrigendum: Procurement of Vapour Absorption Machine  Details
Jan 17 : Supervisory Services during Maintenance of Integrally Geared Turbo Compressor in HPNA Plant  Details
Jan 17 : Miscellaneous Maintenance Jobs of Sujala Plant  Details
Jan 17 : Procurement of Impeller for Oil Pumps  Details
Jan 16 : Supply of Sulphur in bulk from Global Suppliers  Details
Jan 16 : Reconditioning and easing of various valves at Methanol Plant Site  Details
Jan 16 : Supply of SS pipes in FACT Cochin Division  Details
Jan 16 : Engaging Services for GV Lean Solution Pump of Ammonia Plant  Details
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