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TENDERS Total number of tenders: 1889
Sep 22 : Procurement of spares for Hydraulic Turbine  Details
Sep 22 : Supply of Catalyst for Secondary Reformer Catalyst in Ammonia Plant  Details
Sep 21 : Carrying out miscellaneous jobs in ANP Plant  Details
Sep 21 : Product handling and allied works at FACT Agro Service Centre in Theni district  Details
Sep 21 : Removal of complete conveyor structure of NP2 conveyor system of Suphala Bagging plant  Details
Sep 21 : Procurement of Lignite Powder for Chennai Bio-Unit  Details
Sep 21 : Corrigendum: Complete Visual Inspection and NDT Inspection of Methanol Flare Stack  Details
Sep 20 : Procurement of imported Coal for Coal fired Boiler Plant  Details
Sep 20 : Overhauling and testing of Boiler Feed Water Pump of SGP plant  Details
Sep 20 : Replacement of Syn Gas Intercooler in Ammonia Plant  Details
Sep 20 : Carrying out NDT Inspection of Helium Leak testing of Urea Reactor in Urea Plant  Details
Sep 20 : Enabling work for attending liner leak in Urea Reactor  Details
Sep 20 : Rate Contract for IBR approved, Boiler Repairs and Piping, Fabrication and Erection  Details
Sep 19 : Clearing, Handling and Transportation of bagged products at Tanjavur  Details
Sep 19 : Handling and Transportation of estimated 86000 MT of Fertilizers at Karnal Rake Point  Details
Sep 19 : Import of 45000 MT of DAP at East Coast India  Details
Sep 19 : Handling and Transportation of estimated 70000 MT of Fertilizers at Rohtak Rake Point  Details
Sep 19 : Procurement of Coal  Details
Sep 19 : Corrigendum: Coal Gasification Plant at Talcher Odisha for Talcher Fertilizers Limited  Details
Sep 18 : Procurement of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (East Coast)  Details
Sep 18 : Lining up of contract for EJ-2 opening for Inspection/ Cleaning and Box Up in Urea Plant  Details
Sep 18 : Attending Shell Leakages (Acid/ Gas) by Injecting Potassium silicate liquid in SAP  Details
Sep 18 : Corrigendum: Lining Contract for Chemical Cleaning job in Ammonia Plant  Details
Sep 18 : Clearing, Handling and Transportation of bagged products at Trichy  Details
Sep 18 : Lining Contract for Re-tubing of Gas-Gas Heat Exchangers  Details
Sep 15 : Import of 15000 MT of MOP at West Coast India  Details
Sep 15 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for non-urea activity  Details
Sep 15 : Supply of Actuators  Details
Sep 15 : Corrigendum: Lining Contract for online cleaning of old MAP Cooling Tower Basin  Details
Sep 15 : Handling and Transportation at Karimnagar Rakepoint  Details
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