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TENDERS Total number of tenders: 1411
Apr 28 : Sale of Non Standard Urea  Details
Apr 28 : Patchwork Repairs to the RCC portion of gantries in Urea Silo in factory  Details
Apr 28 : Cleaning, Leak Detection/ Testing and Repair of Combustion Air Pre Heater in Ammonia Plant  Details
Apr 28 : Revamp of Cooling Tower Cells in Ammonia Plant  Details
Apr 28 : Replacement of Breaching Seals and wedges of Spherodizer, Cooler and Coater drums in Suphala Plant  Details
Apr 27 : Carrying out various maintenance jobs/activities for startup of SNNP  Details
Apr 27 : Supply of Pipe Fittings  Details
Apr 27 : Refurbishment of Cooling Tower of DMF/ MAP in CGP  Details
Apr 27 : Transport Contract for Speciality Fertilisers Movement  Details
Apr 27 : Repair of Canned motor pumps in Ammonia Extension Plant  Details
Apr 27 : Supply of Exchanger Tubes  Details
Apr 26 : Procurement of Spares for Mechanical Seal  Details
Apr 26 : Sale of Ammonium Sulphate  Details
Apr 26 : Opening, Testing and Box Up of Gas Cooler for attending Tube Leakages  Details
Apr 26 : Bagging, Shifting and Loading of 1,500 MT of Gypsum Product  Details
Apr 26 : Supply of Seamless Pipes  Details
Apr 25 : Procurement of Di-Ammonium Phosphate in loose bulk  Details
Apr 25 : Supply of Complex Fertilizers  Details
Apr 25 : Procurement of CS Pipe Fittings  Details
Apr 25 : Overhauling of Plate Heat Exchangers in SAP Plant  Details
Apr 25 : Transportation of Liquid Ammonia  Details
Apr 25 : Contract for Re-tubing of Gas Heat Exchangers  Details
Apr 24 : Lining Contract For Replacement of Straight Tube Bundle of old MAP and new MAP  Details
Apr 24 : Cleaning, Leak Detection/ Testing and Repair of Combustion Air Pre Heater in Ammonia Plant  Details
Apr 24 : Fabrication, Erection and Commissioning of New Conveyor System in Urea Bagging Plant  Details
Apr 24 : Handling and Transportation Contract of estimated 9750 MT of Fertilizers at Suratgarh Rake Point  Details
Apr 24 : Refurbishment of cooling tower of DMF/ MAP  Details
Apr 24 : Carrying out Hot and Cold insulation jobs on item rates basis  Details
Apr 21 : Structural repair of Flare Stack of Ammonia Plant  Details
Apr 21 : Bagging, shifting & loading of Tentative Gypsum product inside the factory premises  Details
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