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TENDERS Total number of tenders: 1764
Aug 08 : Appointment of Contract for Handling and Shipping of Fertilizer Product Bags in B&S Plants  Details
Aug 07 : Procurement of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (East Coast)  Details
Aug 07 : Procurement of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (West Coast)  Details
Aug 07 : Procurement of Muriate Of Potash (West Coast)  Details
Aug 07 : Fabrication and Installation of HDPE Pipes and Fittings and FRP Lining during 2017-18  Details
Aug 04 : Supply of Tipper on Hire Basis  Details
Aug 04 : Carrying out Coil and failure analysis of Coil at Convection section of Primary Reformer in Methanol Plant  Details
Aug 04 : Corrigendum: Pre-qualification of Vendors and Biennial Rate Contract for Rubber Lining Jobs  Details
Aug 03 : Procurement of Online Ammonical Nitrogen Analyser  Details
Aug 03 : Pre-Qualification of vendors for transportation of Bagged Bio-fertilizers  Details
Aug 03 : Dismantling ,Fabrication and Replacement of MS Structure, Platforms in SAP  Details
Aug 03 : Replacement of CS pipe line for transfer of Associated Gas between HP Nitric Acid Plant and Ammonia Plant  Details
Aug 03 : Servicing of Rotork Make Acutators  Details
Aug 02 : Biennial Rate Contract for Miscellaneous Insulation Repair Jobs in all plants  Details
Aug 02 : Corrigendum: Fabrication of CS Line for Carrying Process Condensate  Details
Aug 02 : Dismantling and Shifting of Redundant Pipe Line and MS Structure in Steam Generation Plant and Yard Piping  Details
Aug 01 : Supply of Industrial Gases  Details
Aug 01 : Construction of Foundation for Installation of Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank in Purge Gas Recovery Unit of Ammonia Plant  Details
Jul 31 : Procurement of Valve Stem Assembly  Details
Jul 31 : Procurement of Journal Bearing Assembly  Details
Jul 31 : Biennial Rate Contract for maintenance jobs of Centrifuge of SNNP  Details
Jul 31 : Replacement of vibratory screens and vibrator assemblies in Suphala Plant  Details
Jul 28 : Repair of Vent Stack and blow down pipe support structure in all three units of Urea Plant  Details
Jul 28 : Contract for Removal of existing Third stage Intercooler and Separator and Erection of higher capacity Third StageIntercooler and Separator and modification of associated piping jobs of CO2 compressor  Details
Jul 28 : Supply of Pipe Fittings  Details
Jul 28 : Corrigendum: Refurbishment of Dry Gas Seal of LP compressor of Synthesis gas compressor unit in Ammonia Plant  Details
Jul 27 : Corrigendum: Arc for Electrical Maintenance Works in TDP Plant for the year 2017-18  Details
Jul 27 : Supply of 250 MT Mono Ammonium Phosphate  Details
Jul 27 : Fabrication and Erection of New Pipelines, Replacement of Corroded/ Damaged Pipelines and removal of Redundant Pipelines in Urea & ABC Plant  Details
Jul 26 : Corrigendum: Sale of Non Standard Urea  Details

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