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TENDERS Total number of tenders: 2280
Jan 11 : Global Accredition of DAP Suppliers  Details
Jan 11 : Procurement of Butterfly Valves  Details
Jan 11 : Carrying out Civil works at K7 Plant in Taloja  Details
Jan 11 : Supply, installation, commissioning and comprehensive AMC of Process Gas Analysers for FACT Fertiliser plant Udyogamandal Complex  Details
Jan 11 : Relocation of ammonia unloading arms from South Coal Berth to Q1 Berth at Willingdon Island  Details
Jan 11 : NIT servicing of Rotork Make Acutators  Details
Jan 10 : Sale of Ammonium Sulphate  Details
Jan 10 : Construction of Torrent Tank Foundation, Tank Farm and allied works  Details
Jan 10 : Construction of Sulphuric Acid Tank Foundation, Tank Farm and allied works  Details
Jan 10 : Procurement of Electronic Dosing Pumps  Details
Jan 10 : Procurement of VCB from manufacturers/ suppliers/ dealers  Details
Jan 09 : Procurement of Forged Steel Slip-on-flanges  Details
Jan 09 : Supply of Control/ Butterfly Valves for Urea service  Details
Jan 09 : Corrigendum: Supply of Actuator Spares  Details
Jan 09 : Reclaiming of Urea from PHP Silos using Hydraulic Excavator  Details
Jan 08 : Procurement of Gate Valves  Details
Jan 08 : Handling and Transportation Contract at Karnal Rake Point  Details
Jan 08 : Loosening and tightening of Hexagonal Nuts of various Flanges in Ammonia Plant  Details
Jan 08 : Supply of Urea Grade SS Pipes for Urea Revamp Project  Details
Jan 08 : Supply of Urea Grade Valves for Urea Revamp Project  Details
Jan 08 : Corrigendum: Tender for import of NPK  Details
Jan 05 : EOI for Empanelment of buyers for Export of Minor Minerals from India  Details
Jan 05 : Supply of SS Pipes in FACT Cochin Division  Details
Jan 05 : Procurement of Alloy Steel Elbow and Flanges  Details
Jan 05 : Supply of Acetic Acid  Details
Jan 05 : Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Tab Pos (Point Of Sale) Devices  Details
Jan 05 : Carrying out various Maintenance Jobs in Ammonia Plant  Details
Jan 04 : Supply of Conveyor Belting (Oil Resistant)  Details
Jan 04 : Contract for Fabrication and Erection of Pipelines and installation of New High Capacity Pumps  Details
Jan 04 : Corrigendum: Rate Contract for attending Resin Passing in WTP I/ II Vessels in WTP  Details

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