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Oct 24: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Liquid Nitrogen and Hiring of Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanker with installation Details
8Procurement of Bio Fertilizer and Bio Control Agent Details
8Corrigendum: Supply of Industrial Gases Details
8NIT for Transformer Oil Testing Details
8Comprehensive AMC for Emerson UPS in SGP, CGP and Ammonia Plant Details
8Complete overhauling of LP barrel, MP barrel, HP barrel and drive turbine of Synthesis Gas Compressor in Ammonia Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Sale/ Disposal of complete Methylamine plant, its associated equipments, structures and spares Details
8Procurement of Ammonia Liquid Bottles Details
8Procurement of Red Earth and Farm yard Manure Details
8Check up of abnormal sound in the gearbox of ammonia charge pump of urea plant Details
8Repairing of Silo Salt Scraper in Bagging plant Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following reports:
8Future agricultural phosphorus demand: A Paper Details
8Global and regional phosphorus budgets in agricultural systems: A Paper Details
8The Effect of Different Rates of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application: A Paper Details
8An Environmental Impact Study of an Urea Fertilizer Factory Details
8Improving the Efficiency of Fertiliser Urea: A Paper Details
8Effects of Integrated Nutrient Management: A Paper Details
8Sustainability of Soil Moisture and reduce Fertilizer Soaking using Nature-Friendly Hydrogels to improve and promote cultivating: A Paper Details
8Can Organic Sources of Nutrients increase Crop Yields to meet Global Food Demand? Details
8Development of eco-friendly bio-fertilizer using feather compost: A Paper Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Economist Ajit Ranade pegs FY20 GDP at 7-7.5%, inflation at 5% Details
8More than 60% markets sell agricultural produce below MSP Details
8No land of plenty for Indian farmers Details
8Capt Amarinder meets Israeli President, seeks help in security, conservation Details
8Gujarat: Women's role in agriculture higher than men, but income still on decline Details
8MP elections: How Madhya Pradesh has fared under Shivraj Singh Chouhan Details
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