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International tenders
Jan 09: Nepalese fertilizer importer Salt Trading has tendered to buy 22,500t of urea that closed on 6 January. It received five offers, on a cip warehouse Nepal basis: Comzest Trading $378.50/t, Samsung $380.86/t, IPL $381.48/t, Wilson International $387.80/t, Quantum Fertilizers $ 418/t.
8The package of freight and other costs back to China is estimated around $95/t.
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The Sri Lankan government has announced the maximum price that private-sector importers can pay for imported cargoes for the first quarter of 2019.
8These prices have been set in line with the lowest prices offered for each of the fertilizer products in a recent government tender to buy urea, TSP and MOP. 
8The government has reduced the ceiling price for imported urea to qualify for a subsidy to $326.90/t cfr with 180 days' credit, from $338/t previously.
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