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Jan 11: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Carrying out various Mechanical Jobs in SGP Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Replacement of LRB insulation of Furnace wall of Boilers in Steam Generation Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Inspection and replacement of stator sealing fins of balance piston area of GHH Steam Turbine stator parts Details
8Services of consulting Engineer for overhauling and troubleshooting of compressors Details
8Deputation of Consulting Engineer for replacement of Dry gas seal in Ammonia plant Details
8Biannual rate contract to carry out various Chemical tankers loading/ unloading activities Details
8Hiring of electrical hoist in Ammonia Plant Details
8Comprehensive AMC for UPS systems installed in various plants Details
8Customer Satisfaction Survey of Fertilizer Brands Details
8Application for registration for Co-marketing for supply of Single Super Phosphate Details
8Import of Prilled/ Granular Urea Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following reports:
8Agricultural Statistics System in Indonesia: An Analysis  Details
8Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Telangana] Details
8Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Andhra Pradesh] Details
8Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Tamil Nadu] Details
8Analysis of Greenhouse Gas reduction by using Organic Fertilizer: A Paper Details
8Land use Restrictions, Misallocation in Agriculture and Aggregate Productivity: A Paper Details
8Impact of Disasters on Agriculture and Food Security: An Analysis Details

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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Confront the harsh reality: The only way we can really help farmers is to take most of them out of farming Details
8FM Arun Jaitley is right on Aadhaar use; link it to all subsidies Details
8Food subsidy arrears top spend Details
8When India, China grow together, rise of Asia is ‘unstoppable’: Nepal Details
8Off-budget financing costs more, says CAG Details
8Fertilizer stocks gain; Rashtriya Chemicals surges 6% Details
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