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Market Round-Up
Jul 03:   8In Bastar district, dealers of IPL is providing their DAP and MOP to the retailers at the price of Rs.1250 and Rs.610 respectively.
8According to some retailers in Bilaspur district, they are getting NFL urea at Rs.246 and they are selling it to the farmers at MRP prices.
8In Raipur district, the sale has not started currently but the new stock of DAP available from Godavari brand is at an MRP.1300.
8Overall, in the Chattisgarh state in some regions, the sale has picked up but most retailers are waiting for the rains to start in earnet for sales to really go up.
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Shipment Details
8A Sulphuric Acid shipment is arriving on 5th of July with a total quantity of 20915T.
8An MOP shipment is also arriving on 4th July.
8A shipment of DAP is also expected to arrive on the 9th of July with a total quantity of 56000T
Market Round-Up Uttar Pradesh

Fertilizer demand in Uttar Pradesh is going to increase in most of the districts since the rains have started.
In districts like Farrukhabad & Kanpur, DAP and Urea are more in demand right now than MOP & Complexes..
8Retailers from Farrukhabad, Kanpur & Pilibhit district told us that they are getting Rs10 to Rs12 per bag margin on DAP from Mosaic and PPL.
In Pilibhit district, retailers told us that previously they used to got stocks in 3-4 days of ordering but now it takes more than a week to receive the ordered stocks.
8Moreover, some retailers from the state told us that they are getting Rs 5 to Rs10 per bag of margin on urea with a MRP of 295/45kg bag from companies like Kribhco, CFCL & Indogulf.
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