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Market Round-Up
Jul 05:   Raw Material Shipments
8A Shipment of Sulphuric acid is arriving on 6th of July.
8A Phosphoric shipment is expected to arrive on 7th of July with a total quantity of 10279 T.
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Market Round-Up Maharastra
In districts like Buldhana, Sangli, Nanded & Pune, the supply is good but the demand is slow as rains have not yet started.
8As per the retailers, they are getting a margin of Rs15-Rs 25 per bag on DAP from almost all the companies.
8Right now, the demand for Urea & Complexes is more than DAP & MOP in almost all the districts, that is why some of the retailers are still having the old stock of DAP.
8The retailers are getting Rs 5-Rs10 per bag margin on Urea from companies like RCF & IFFCO.
8In Sangli district, the dealer price for SSP Granual is Rs325 and the selling price  is Rs350 and after loading, transportation & unloading they are getting a margin of around Rs15-Rs18 per bag.
8In Pune district, on NPK 10;26;26,  retailers are getting a margin of Rs15-Rs20 per bag from companies like CIL, SPIC & RCF.  Details


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