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POS has increased retailer's expenses
Jul 06:   POS was distributed by Lead Fertilizer Suppliers (LFS) of different states to the retailers but its maintenance charges were not specified asto  who is going to pay for it, the the retailer or the LFS
8While talking to retailers in rural areas in most of the states, the major issue which is there is with the expenses which occur with the POS machines
8Earlier, with the manual billing there were no such expenses but now, with the implementation of the POS machines, retailers have to pay for the internet cost, and what is more, the Internet connection is very poor in the rural area. 
8As per the retailers, they have to pay transportation, labor, loading and unloading charges from the margin which they got from companies and now, an extra expense has been added
8The retailers which are in the rural areas occur more transportation cost than cities and it affects their margin as they will pay the higher cost with the internet charges which takes up their expenses and margins are also reduced.  Details


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