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120-Day Bid Outlook

120-Day Bid Outlook

120-Day Bid Outlook


The Bid Outlook Database is a remarkably powerful tool for equipment and service providers. The software throws up bid and RFQ dates coming up over a four month period in the industrial segments of choice, providing distinct business development opportunities.

The resultant data is then segregated in multiple ways to provide just the right information required for exploiting a business development opportunity by a supplier.

The project monitoring division picks up information from primary sources to throw up a range of data, from planning to commissioning of projects. Multiple parameters are caught in the net, including the date when the project promoter or the EPC contractor would come out with bids or Request for Quotation (RFQ) for specific equipment and services.

Our project team monitors this information across all projects in the segments we cover. This bottom-up approach therefore provides the most accurate projection of available contracts for a supplier.

The data is drilled down in many different ways to provide real value to clients. Requirement for equipment and services within an individual project can be segregated in terms of specific facility and unit, geography, promoter and associated EPC contractor or subcontractors. The information can be aggregated to the level of the sub-sector or sector to give the client a sector-wise action plan.

Names of purchase managers working for the promoter or the contractor are attached with every bid or RFQ proposal so that a business opportunity is just a phone call away.

The data is collated at a regular frequency and mailed to clients for immediate action.

The product provides invaluable information to a supplier of equipment and services. It will allow him to drill down demand data thrown up by our software by geography, sub-sector, promoter, facility etc.

Suppliers of equipment and services:

  • Clients get a fully disaggregated picture of where requirements for their equipment and services are going to come up.
  • They get immediate actionable information on business opportunity over the next 120 days.
  • Since the information is fully validated sales managers can directly allocate the opportunities to their teams through our internal data management software.
  • Our contact database throws up names of specific manager in charge of purchases, so all you have to do is dial.

Suppliers of power, gas and industrial fuel:

  • Accurate bottom-up estimation of fresh demand for energy in new capacities that are coming within an industrial sector.
  • Detailed energy matrices in every industrial facility allows suppliers to save on time and research to zero in on the right opportunity.
  • A fully validated contact list allows the supplier to get in touch immediately with a potential client .

Banks and Financial Institutions:

  • Accurate way of validating progress made by clients in implementing projects.

We provide accurate and comprehensive projections for:

  • Future RFQ and bid dates by sector, geography and company
  • Projections over a period going up to 120 days
  • Segregation of data in terms of individual units, facilities, location, operators and promoters, contractors and sub contractors
  • Names of promoters, EPC contractors and subcontractors who are seeking bids are also provided
  • Bid data is segregated geographical to include
    1. Region
    2. State
    3. District
    4. Pin Code
    5. Maps


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