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Research Reports

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Natural Gas

The research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the dynamic natural gas market in India. The report has been compiled through a mix of primary and secondary research collated from the industry. The report provides insights into the gas industry in India, current policy dynamics, recent developments, demand-supply projections and most importantly, the intense pricing dynamics that are currently at work. The report provides short term to long term predictions on the gas market in India.

The updated report provides a thorough analysis of the demand side of the gas market, compiling data on all the consumers of natural gas in the country, including sector-wise demand potential at various gas prices, gas allocation and deficit. The report also forecasts LNG supply, usage and international LNG prices.

LNG Report

The report provides market insights for LNG terminal operators, importers, buyers and marketers. It delves into the economic viability of LNG in sectors such as Power, Fertilizer, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Steel and CGD. The competitiveness of LNG is assessed against alternative liquid fuels such as Naphtha, Furnace Oil, HSD, LDO and LSHS.

The report also examines the dynamics of the Natural gas market and its effects on various sectors, which would be helpful to key decision makers such as Government bodies, Consulting companies, Banks, Investment Banks, Financial Institutions, Advisors, Brokers and other Research organizations.


"Indian Solar Report: Solar Energy Industry- Present and Future Prospects in India" provides a thorough analysis of the rapidly growing solar sector and a detailed description about the solar energy value chain in India through an in-depth investigation of more than 400 solar power plants across the country. We have compiled a complete list of all operational solar power plants in India that have a combined capacity of over 2500 MW and done a comprehensive study of installed capacity, annual growth, state-wise and scheme-wise distribution of solar projects, and market share of all solar equipment manufacturers and service providers, namely, cells, modules, inverters and EPC. In addition, a methodical compilation of solar policies and regulations of all states involved in solar power generation is given for a better understanding of the solar scenario in India.

Detailed Financial Analysis-- Calculate your project IRR: The report also provides detailed financial analysis of solar power projects taking into account the latest benchmark costs and other practical assumptions. The entire financial calculations are provided along with the report in an excel document, which can be used for competitive bidding, calculating project IRR and Equity IRR by inputting values for different parameters such as project cost, interest rate, tariff bid and utilization factor.

Trends and Prices: The report explores the market trends in the Indian Solar Industry while giving an abstract view of the global solar scenario. The report inspects module prices in different regions of the world, giving a vivid picture of the difference in pricing and the underlying causes of the price disparity. Company-wise capacity, installations and market share reveals the concealed opportunities that can be exploited by investing in suitable opportunities offered by the solar sector. The report ventures into the technicalities and mechanics of the solar sector and gives a simplified view of the complex market dynamics so as to give a complete understanding of the Indian Solar Industry. Finally, the report also delves into recent developments affecting the solar power industry. The year 2014-15 is expected to be an important year for the solar industry as the new government has come up with a number of solutions to boost the solar sector. Solar capacity in India is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years with India expected to reach the 4GW mark by the end of the current fiscal year.

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