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  • May 13:Fertilizer import matrix Details
  • May 13:Chemical import inventories sharply down Details
  • May 13:LNG: Dabhol shuts down, finally! Details
  • May 13:Criticism for non-performance: Shell boss believes gas demand will come from non-traditional sources Details
  • May 13:Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Madhya Pradesh] Details
  • May 13:Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Uttarakhand] Details
  • May 13:Investigation of COVID-19 Impact on the Food and Beverages Industry: A Perspective Details
  • May 13:Symbiotic bacteria in root cells may be key to producing better crops: A News Details
  • May 12:Technology helps in finding new sources of fertilizers Details
  • May 12:Role and Potential of Information Technology in Sector of Agriculture: A Paper Details
  • May 12:World Fertilizer Outlook [May 2021] Details
  • May 12:The Effects of Organic Liquid Fertilizer: A Paper Details
  • May 12:Cowpea Crop Response to Mineral and Organic Fertilization: An Analysis Details
  • May 12:Effects of Vermicompost Leachate versus Inorganic Fertilizer: A Paper Details
  • May 11:Doubling of farmers' incomes: What is next? Details
  • May 11:Type of organic fertilizer rather than organic amendment per se increases abundance of soil biota: A Paper Details
  • May 11:Fertilizer Application, Climate Change and Rice Production in Rural Java: An Analysis Details
  • May 11:Effect of molasses on the chemical characteristics of seaweedbased organic fertiliser: A Paper Details
  • May 11:Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Organically Fertilized Hydroponic Lettuce: An Analysis Details
  • May 11:Effects of Inorganic Fertilizers: A Paper Details
  • May 10:LNG imports: A full update Details
  • May 10:Average chemical imports are at 1 MMTPA: Now down 17% Details
  • May 10:Fertilizer import matrix for the day: Details Details
  • May 10:Virus attack: Some ports hit Details
  • May 10:World bank opposes LNG: War of words over it Details
  • May 10:Socio-economic factors in stimulating agriculture in a crisis: An Analysis Details
  • May 10:Impact of Agricultural Practices on water quality: A Paper Details
  • May 10:Effect dual inoculation of Azotobacter and Azospirrilum on the productive trait upland red rice cultivar: A Paper Details
  • May 10:Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Uttarakhand] Details
  • May 10:Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Odisha] Details
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