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Monthly Reports

Customized Briefing

Customized Briefing

Project_News_Petro leverages its wide network of contacts across the industry to provide customized monthly reports for clients. We provide intelligence inputs and tailor-made data base insights through dedicated analyst and journalist support.

Our team gathers dedicated information from key decision makers in the government and private sector through a longstanding network of journalists, analysts and editors. Our deep understanding of the energy value chain will yield information that is of commercial importance from the client's point of view.

Request information and journalist support or background presentations on specific topics and areas of your interest. You ask, we answer. Access information before it reaches others. Get segment specific insights.

Request quotes on specific topics from key stakeholders. Get actionable recommendations from the indiapetroplus team. Base your forecasts and future action plans on ground realities rather than on speculation.

Our customized briefings will provide you a fresh perspective on the fertilizer sector. The briefings are distilled out of inputs coming from our army of scouts, journalists, analysts and editors backed with 15 years of experience. We work with confidence to help you choose better.

At, we leverage our wide ranging contacts within the fertilizer sector to bring you the information you require.

We can collate direct comments from the concerned stakeholders and policymakers into our presentations to give you a front seat perspective on a subject of interest.

With the help of our proprietary databases, we can help you get clarity of information.

Our team will help you build the road map for you business in India.

We provide briefings and presentations on subjects of interest to key company executives or Board of Directors.

Briefings can be on site or locally at New Delhi.

Subsequent follow-up analyst/editor support is available on an optional basis.


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