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Daily Intelligence

Daily Intelligence

Daily Intelligence

Project_News_Petro is India's most trusted information source on the fertilizer sector with over 15 years of experience providing news, reports, data and business intelligence. We have a track record of delivering exclusive high impact data and information to our clients.

We give you privileged access to developments, empowering you with strategic business intelligence and competitive advantage. We have a network of journalists, analysts, editors and scouts who feed detailed information and data on the industry regularly.

Subscription to the website gives you access to an exhaustive and comprehensive searchable archive of around 100,000 pages of data, news, analysis and information published by us from the last 15 years.

We provide comprehensive coverage of the fertilizer sector in India, highlighting opportunities specific to the Indian market through:

  •  Exclusive insights into all policy and regulatory developments
  •  Primary data on fertilizer assets across India
  •  Exclusive insights into the government's decision-making process
  •  Comprehensive intelligence on fertilizer production, pricing and distribution
  •  Extensive tracking of ongoing projects and installed bases through our proprietary software
  •  Real time import data and CIF prices
  •  Access to our exclusive news and database archives (since 2001)

Complimentary add-ons:

Daily updates from our proprietary project monitoring software on fertilizer installed base and ventures, and upcoming projects

  •  Our daily intelligence inputs will enhance your competitive edge and help consolidate your business
  •  Comprehensive coverage across the fertilizer sector gives you a 360 degree perspective on the industry
  •  Our detailed coverage of contracts offers a ring side view of bidding processes involved in large fertilizer projects.
  •  We interpret both major and subtle trends in fertilizer production, imports and pricing to help you understand their long term impact on business environment and the competitive landscape
  •  Get a sense of how policies are formulated through our insights on government functioning
  •  Our actionable intelligence and data allows you to make informed decisions
  •  Identify new opportunities and investment ideas through our extensive and exhaustive coverage of new projects
  •  Newsletters 5 days a week
  •  Access to exclusive reports and documents
  •  Access to our extensive archives of news, statistics and database
  •  Full access to the website

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