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Customized Fertilizer News Service

Customized Fertilizer News Service

Project_News_Petro website leverages its wide network of contacts across the industry to provide customized news services for clients. The scope of the custom news service is defined in consultation with the client.

We provide intelligence across the entire fertilizer chain to bring home dedicated insights to match your specific requirements.

Our services may include one or more of the following fortnightly and monthly reports:

  •  Exclusive fortnightly fertilizer news service with a focus on specific policy and regulatory developments, macro-economics, business environment and competitive landscape.
  •  Exclusive monthly news service tailor made to specific project activities and regulatory developments
  •  Special news coverage on specific industrial segment within the sector and other areas of interest
  •  Custom research (once a month for one year) with full time analyst support
  •  Fortnightly conference call with senior editors of

We will strive to gather information that is most relevant to you

  •  We help you benchmark your performance with that of other companies and keep track of competitors.
  •  Fortnightly set of tailor made recommendations drawn from glimpses into regulatory and policy formation, including quotes from various stakeholders on topics of interest.
  •  Exclusive briefing by the Indianfertilizer team

Add-ons to the customized news service could include one or more Project Trackers

  •  Get tailor-made news and intelligence on topics of interest
  •  Choose areas of interest across the fertilizer chain for detailed coverage
  •  Track activities in specific fertilizer companies or projects
  •  Get a better understanding of the competitive scenario and regulatory landscape
  •  Track real time imports and CIF price, gain better insights into trends and prices
  •  Deliverables for customized fertilizer news service are decided in consultation with the client.
  •  Project duration and frequency of news reports is based on the client's requirements.
  •  Dedicated analyst and journalist support
  •  Fortnightly or monthly briefing by Indianfertilizer team as per client requirement (optional)


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