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Rs 622 Crore capital expenditure: MOU signed with DOF
Aug 17: A big fertilizer company has been signed memorandums of understanding with Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizer in 2018-19
 The new Capital expenditure for 2018-19 is on the following:
8Rs 209 Crore for New Sewage Treatment plant.
8Rs 21Crore for Township Development.
8Rs 137 Crore for Urea Casale Revamp.
8Rs 482 Crore for Installation of Gas Turbine.
8Rs 102 Crore for Ammonia-V Revamp.
8Rs 76 Crore for Ammonia-V Process Air Compression and CO2 Compressor Revamp.
8Rs 494 Crore for Installation of the Gas turbine.
8Rs 138 Crore for Revamp of CO2 Compressors in Urea 21 and 31units.
8Rs 26 Crore for Construction of New Water Reservoir.
8Rs Rs 347 Crore for Installation of GT Drive for PAC-IV.
8Rs 101 Crore for Effluent Treatment Plant Up gradation.
8Rs 13 Crore 650 TR VAM for PAC Suction Chilling in Ammonia Plants.
8Rs 19 Crore for  Vortex Mixer and Conversion Booster for Reaction in Urea 21 and 31 Plants.
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