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11.3 % Share by Haldor Topsoe: Subsidy part to the taken care of by RCFL
Aug 31: Ramagundam Fertilizer & Chemical Limited (RFCL) a JV of EIL(26%), NFL(26%), FCIL(11%), Govt of Telangana ( 11%), GAIL( 14.7) and Haldor Topsoe ( 11.3%) has been completed their 90 % construction and it takes another 6 to 8 months to start the production.
8This is the first time an ammonia Technology licensor is the share holder in this project
8NFL signs Marketing Agreement with RFCL to market 12.71 LMT Ramagundam urea under its brand name Kisan has been wrapped up.
8Subsidy part is taken care by Rashtriya Chemical & Fertilizer Limited in the project


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