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FAI annual seminar 2018: Technological Alternatives for New Ammonia Plants
Sep 04: Fertilizer Association Of India (FAI) organized an annual seminar from 5 Dec to 7 Dec 2018 to cover these topics.
8Policies for Viable Fertilizer Sector
8World Supply-Demand of Fertilizers & Fertilizer Raw Materials
8International Price Trends of Fertilizers and Fertilizer Raw Materials
8Panel Discussion on Policies for Fertilizer Sector Session
8Nutrient Management in Indian Agriculture
8Nutrient Management in Irrigated Agriculture: Issues and Strategies
8Nutrient Management in Rainfed Agriculture: Issues and Strategies
8Environmental Issues in Fertilizer Use
8Soil Organic Matter Biochemistry in Relation to Soil Quality and Sustainability
8Technological Alternatives for New Ammonia Plants
8Experience of Revamp of Ammonia Plants
8Improving Viability of Urea plants
8Managing Viability of Production of Phosphatic Fertilizers
8Reducing Environmental Footprint of Indian Fertilizer Plants
8Issues in Fertilizer Marketing
8Assessment of Implementation of DBT in Fertilizer Sector
8Constraints in Logistics of Fertilizer Movement
8Value Added Fertilizer Products for High Use Efficiency
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