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Hydrogen from renewable energy is now cost compatible: Find out how the fertilizer industry will be in for dramatic change   
Sep 07: The technologies needed to convert renewable energy to hydrogen are now ready and cost compatible, according to latest findings.
8A target cost of USD 5–6/kg can already be achieved today by connecting an electrolyzer to the electricity grid (with 2017 Danish electricity prices that include all grid fees, levies and taxes) and prices are expected to fall further.
8A lot of fresh data has come in to establish the viability of renewable to hydrogen generation.
8The focus is now to move to large-scale applications that are able to rapidly generate economies of scale, with minimal infrastructure requirements, and in sectors where hydrogen from renewables stands out as the best-performing option for meeting climate targets.
8The target areas are large industries (refineries, chemicals facilities, methanol production) and heavy-duty transport (large fleets of hydrogen buses, trucks, trains on non-electrified lines, maritime, etc.).
8The hydrogen price curves are coming down more rapidly than before.
8Find out more on why the world is moving to a hydrogen economy quicker than was envisaged earlier.
8Know more how the refinery, petrochemical and fertilizer segments are going to be impacted by this looming transition
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