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Market Round-Up: Rajasthan
Sep 10: 8Nowadays, districts of Rajasthan like Sawai Madhopur, Baran, Sri Ganganagar & Hanumangarh, there is not much demand for fertilizers though there is some demand for urea in parts of the state.
8The supply of fertilizers in most of the parts is adequate since there are not many requirements right now and the retailers are ordering the stocks to keep to meet the future requirements.
8In Sri Ganganagar district, retailers are having new DAP stocks with a dealer price of Rs1300/bag while the MRP  is Rs1340/bag from companies like IFFCO and Mosaic whreeas old stock is going for a dealer price of Rs1255/bag and the MRP at Rs1290/bag from IPL Also IPL and GSFC is providing enough supply of DAP to the district.
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