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Sep 11: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Corrigendum: Miscellaneous civil maintenance works in factory area for the year 2018-19 Details
8Corrigendum: Replacement and welding of joint nut bolts & epoxy painting of joint plates of HWP main plant structure Details
8Repairing, Strengthening the Vertical Cable Tray and Replacement of Down Comer Earthing Strips in all three Prilling Towers in Urea Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Supply of Ammonia Recovery Tower Details
8Replacement of glass exchanger middle broken shell segment in CNA Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Annual maintenance jobs of CN reactor, AN Evaporator, AN/ CAN Tanks and AN Separator in ANP plant Details
8Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-urea Activity Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following reports:
844th Annual General Meeting: Held in Delhi Details
8The Role of Agriculture in Job Creation for National Development: A Paper Details
8Market linkages for Agricultural Commodities: A Paper Details
8Perceiving Agriculture in China: A Paper Details
8Agriculture in Azerbaijan and its Development Prospects: A Paper Details
8FAI Training Programme on "Challenges and Strategies for Fertiliser Industry" [September 2018] Details
8Mid Size Financials: Key Takeaways Details
8Grassland yield and nitrogen uptake as influenced by urea or ammonium nitrate based fertilisers: A Paper Details
8Response of carbon exchange and growth analysis in tropical pastures to distinct irrigation levels: A Paper Details
8Use of Composted Organic Wastes as alternative to Synthetic Fertilizers: A Paper Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Rains boost Kharif-sown area Details
8Chhattisgarh's potential to become bio-fuel hub of India Details
8Agriculture has seen tech reforms for first time since Independence only under Modi govt: Union Minister Details
8Session held to discuss future of villages in Maharashtra Details
8Engaging youth in agriculture Details
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