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FAI training programme: Dynamics of Fertilizer Marketing
Sep 17: The programme is designed for the officers working in various disciplines such as Marketing, Agricultural Services, Finance, Promotion, Material Management, Logistics, Public Relations, Secretarial, HRD, Information & Communication Technology
 Following are the discussion topic on this programme.
8Fertiliser Policies and payment procedures
8Future trends in agriculture and challenges in fertilizer marketing
8Role of marketing personnel and ways to improve their personal effectiveness.
8Customer orientation & marketing communication skills.
8Fertiliser logistics, distribution and inventory management
8Important aspects of port operations and import
8Marketing information systems and market research
8Role of LFS in emerging marketing environment
8Cost optimization in fertilizer marketing
8Reorientation of sales promotional programme in an emerging situation
8Specialty fertilizers
8Customized fertilizers - Present status and future needs
8Present Status of DBT – Challenges & Opportunities
8Understanding legal aspect of fertilizer marketing
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