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Kharif Foodgrains demand higher by 0.86 million tonnes in 2018-19
Sep 27: The 1st Advance Estimates of production of major Kharif crops for 2018-19 have been released by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare on 26th September 2018.
8As per the First Advance Estimates, total production of Kharif Foodgrains during 2018-19 is estimated at 141.59 million tonnes. This is higher by 0.86 million tonnes as compared to last year’s Kharif foodgrains production of 140.73 million tonnes. Further, kharif foodgrain production is 11.94 million tonnes more than the average production of five years (2012-13 to 2016-17) of 129.65 million tonnes.
8Total production of Kharif rice is estimated at 99.24 million tonnes. This is higher by 1.74 million tonnes than the last year’s production of 97.50 million tonnes. Further, it is higher by 6.64 million tonnes over the average production of Kharif rice during the last five years.
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