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Subsidy dispensation in 2018-19 (April to August): Did DBT make a difference?
Sep 28: 8Under the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), It was decided that the fertilizer subsidies will be released to companies, instead of the real beneficiaries, after the sale of fertilizers is made by the retailers to the beneficiaries through the Point of Sales (POS) machines at the subsidized rates. 
8Previously the fertilizer companies used to get the subsidies on the dispatch of the fertilizers but now they will get it only after the sale is made to the farmers. It was done to prevent diversion of fertilizers for commercial use and generate data on the usage of the nutrients to help farmers.
8For FY 2018-19, the government has allocated Rs70,090 crores as total fertilizer subsidy for Indigenous urea and all other fertilizers.
8How much subsidy has been released till now in FY 2018-19?
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