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China and India account for half of the growth in global energy demand
Oct 09: The world economy continues to grow, driven by increasing prosperity in the developing world.
8Over 80% of the expansion in world output is driven by emerging economies, with China and India accounting for over half of that expansion.
8China and India each account for around a quarter of the increase in world energy over the Outlook, although this masks sharply contrasting trends.
8China’s energy growth slows significantly as it transitions to a more sustainable pattern of economic growth. In contrast, the slowing in India’s demand growth is less pronounced, underpinned by robust economic growth. As a result, by the second half of the Outlook, India emerges as the world’s largest growth market for energy.
8Africa continues to be weighed down by weak productivity, accounting for nearly half of the increase in global population but less than 10% of world GDP growth.
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