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Oct 17: Nutrient recovery from biowaste for mineral fertilizer production: A paper
The waste generated from different bio-based sources accounts for around 20 % of the waste produced in the EU and can serve as a potential resource of valuable chemical compounds, supporting a circular economy.

Therefore, bio-waste valorization is considered an alternative, attractive approach in waste management policies.
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Availability of Fertilizers is more than required during the month of September 2018

Availability of fertilizers is more than requirement across the country during the month of September 2018.
8Availability of urea was 3455980 MT and requirement was 2310610 MT, availability of DAP was 1862640 and requirement was 825870 MT, availability of 364080 and requirement was 308750 MT, availability of NPK was 1935030 and requirement was 8160500 MT.


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