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Public airing of greviances: CMD to be censured, says DOF
Oct 24: The DOF has not taken kindly to remarks from the CMD of a public sector fertilizer company made recently in a public forum. "Such public airing of greviances is unfortunate when a private interaction with us is always available to air such views," well placed sources said.
The CMD is likely to be privately censured, it is learnt
He said the following:
The consumption of urea is expected to remain constant due to the introduction of 45 kg urea bags and neem coated urea, going ahead, according
8He cautioned that if all capacity comes up and urea consumption remains constant, then, there will be a problem of handling that extra material as India would not be able to export because of the high cost. 
8Secondly, the extra production would be at high efficiency. 
8This may further pose threat to production beyond 100% for reassessed capacity for less efficient plants.The working capital gap for the fertilizer industry has now got stressed from 45 days of manufacturing to 6 months, the chairman also said.
8This is on account of the implementation of the DBT scheme
8The interest burden has gone up dramatically.
He also said that a lot of sales are now not being routed through POS machines, and this is causing more problems. 
8He went on to say that in the present mode, there is no incentive for the retailer and farmer to go through the DBT route
8He suggested that for effective implementation, the retailer should also get some incentive to route sales through POS machines.
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