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Oct 30: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Honeywell DCS/ PLC of Methanol and Ammonia Plant Details
8Procurement of CNA-Swivel Joint for Concentrated Nitric Acid Loading Arm for Concentrated Nitric Acid Plant Details
8Supply of Pressure Control Valves Details
8Provision of Vibration Head Probe Assembly for CO2 Compressors Details
8Supply of Solenoid Valves Details
8Supply of Gaskets for Pressure Gauges Details
8Supply of Level Gauges Details
8Corrigendum: Replacement of Corroded Hand Railing by GI Pipe Hand Railing and replacement of Corroded Chequered Plates by GI Grating Details
8Corrigendum: Supply of Numerical Relays Details
8Dynamic balancing of Boiler feed water pump rotor assembly in NAGP Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following reports:
8DCM Shriram Limited: An Analysis Details
8Plant responses to an Integrated Cropping System: A Review Details
8Status of Rainfall and Agriculture Activity in Andhra Pradesh [October 2018] Details
8Design and development of manually operated fertiliser spreader: A Paper Details
8Market Outlook Report [October 2018] Details
8Effect of organic and chemical sources of nitrogen: A Paper Details
8Effects of Agricultural Management: A Paper Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Chilean delegation seeks agricultural collaboration with India Details
8Stubble Burning: What the government should do to control air pollution in Delhi Details
8Russian companies may dump dollar in trade with Africa – Business Council Chair Details
8DCM Shriram Q2 profit down 2% at Rs 168.7 crore Details
8Biennial meeting of organic farmers from Nov 2 Details
84 arrested for running illegal fertiliser factory in UP Details
8Agriculture Minister takes time off for farming Details

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