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Nov 05: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Supply of Farm Yard Manure Details
8Supply of Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate Details
8Supply of Organic Fertilizers-Phosphate Rich Organic Manure Details
8Supply of Organic Fertilizer Organic Manure Details
8Transportation of fertilizers Details
8Annual Rate Contract for Instrument Erection Jobs at various plants Details
8Residual Life Assessment of Primary Reformer catalyst tube in Ammonia Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Removal and boxing up of tube bundle along with IBR piping jobs of HP heater in boilers in SGP Details
8Corrigendum: Painting of structures of RG Boiler EOT and Synthesis gas converter EOT in Ammonia Plant Details
8Overhauling and Testing of Motors in CGP Details
8Corrigendum: Contract for modification of Conveyor Belt and Bag Divertor Trolleys in Product Handling Plant Details
8Global Pre-qualification of vendors for Supply of MOP & Sulphur Details
8Corrigendum: Export of LS Chrome Concentrate of indian origin Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following reports:
8Tata Chemicals Limited: An Analysis Details
8Development of robotics technologies in agriculture: A Paper Details
8Suyash Chemical and Fertilizer Limited: An Analysis Details
8Sales Volume Summary of Coromandel International Limited [2018] Details
8How Crop Structure changes altered the Cropland Nitrogen Balance: A Paper Details
8Agrometeorological Advisory Bulletin [Chattisgarh] Details
8Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited: An Analysis Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Small and mid-sized fertiliser mfg units hit by Sterlite closure Details
8'Take advantage of India's growth': Naidu to Zimbabwe Details
8Subsidies may be a hidden culprit in India’s farm crisis Details
8Tata Chem Jul-Sep consol net profit falls on year, but sales rise Details
8Farmers distraught as fertilizers turn costly Details
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