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Nov 12: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Corrigendum: Removal, hydro testing, plugging and boxing up of tube bundle along with IBR piping jobs of HP heater in boilers in SGP Details
8Strengthening and Replacement of MS Structure in STP/ ETP Plant Details
8Re-Certification of IFA Protect & Sustain Product Stewardship for operating plants Details
8Corrigendum: Sand and Carbon Replacement of Filters in Water Treatment Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Supply of Gaskets for Urea Revamp Project Details
8Biennial Rate Contract for LP Boiler Cover Flange Gasket Replacement Jobs in Methanol Plant Details
8Corrigendum: Replacement of 100 KV Suspension Type Insulators Details
8Corrigendum: Supply of Studs and Nuts for Urea Revamp Project Details
8Lining of Contract for servicing of Rotary Vacuum Pumps in HWP Laboratory Details
8Corrigendum: Supply of Numerical Relays Details
8Corrigendum: Overhauling of HT Motor at Steam Generation Plant Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following reports:
8Importance of Seed-Fertiliser Technology: A Report Details
8Minutes of National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign [2018-19] Details
8World Fertilizer Magazine [October 2018] Details
8Evaluation of Controlled Release Urea: An Analysis Details
8Analysis of the effectiveness of fertilizer subsidy policy: An Analysis Details
8Potassium Research in India: Past and Future Details
8Importance of Bio refineries in a future Bio Economy: A Paper Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
880% drip irrigation aid for farmers Details
8Field goal: Mumbai-based collective sows idea of farming without chemicals Details
874 per cent rural people, 42 per cent depends on agriculture and 27 per cent contribution of agriculture in GSDP of Tripura Details
8Farmers continue to burn stubble in Punjab, Haryana because of lower yields and expensive machines Details
8Engineers India may appreciate by 20% Details
8India worried over China trade deficit Details
8Canada's Saskatchewan to woo India for giving trade relations a boost Details
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