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Raising pipeline tariffs: Did the PNGRB buckle under pressure?


Jan 1 1970

Arvind Joshi

Aug 23 2016

I think it is good that India is building its own capacity for urea. That way we will never be blackmailed by the foreign cartel. We must follow the Make-in-India policy of our Prime Minister


Aug 23 2016

Building capacity for own urea- at what cost? What is the input? Imported LNG? If not blackmailed by urea cartel then it will be LNG cartel that will blackmail.

Satish Pandit

Aug 23 2016

It is good idea to be in India. The reason being there is an over supply of gas in the global LNG market and there is a prediction that LNG prices will remain down for a long time, until 2040. In that situation, it is better to produce in India.

Dhingra A.R.

Aug 23 2016

These units will all be white elephants. When this government is gone, who will bear the burden of these high cost units. If urea prices are not raised, then subsidy will go up and if imports are cheaper, then why would anyone fund these white elephants?


Aug 23 2016

It is just an electoral game. BJP wants to win elections in UP and want to consolidate vote banks in Bihar and West Bengal even, where they lost badly. The eye is on the next Lok Sabha elections, by when some of these plants will be completed or about to be completed.

R Mehta

Aug 23 2016

It makes for good business. If five units come up, it is Rs 30,000 crore of business. Nobody is complaining. Investment is good for the country


Aug 23 2016

The industry has no complaints against this government. This is the right government. No body should doubt the intention of this government. This is an honest government.

KK Kapur

Aug 24 2016

It is better to be independent than dependent.

MR Singh

Aug 24 2016

It is false independence

KP Jadeja

Aug 24 2016

Good effort. Keep it up. Why did the Tatas quit the business, if there is so much money to make in fertilizers

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